Sometimes a woman's greatest support comes from the men in her life. Meet Sam and his mother Agnes Lukudu, the first female governor in Sudan. He says her strength and ability to support both their family and her country has been a constant inspiration.
When they learned that Macy had been born with Down syndrome, parents Sherri and Joe were scared and did not know what to expect. But they knew about Special Olympics, a place where Macy would always be welcomed as she learned new skills and grew strong. (Video courtesy Special Olympics)
November 21, 2016
What is Mindfulness ?
1 Min Read
June 06, 2016
The celestially themed address touches on race, preconceptions, injustice, and also hope.
2 Min Read
May 27, 2016
The 96-year-old retired chest surgeon credited with developing the namesake Heimlich maneuver has used it to save a woman choking on food at his senior living center.
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April 06, 2016
'I’ve learned that happiness is not a standard feeling. It has many colors and many shapes. You can’t force happiness... you have to mold it yourself.'
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February 11, 2016
Journalist and former Parade Editor-in-Chief Janice Kaplan commits to “the bright side,” which really meant experiencing gratitude every day—even if it wasn’t easy, at first.
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