October 10, 2019
Insisting that equality is achievable over the next 10 years, the philanthropist pledged significant funding and unveiled a bold, three-step plan toward affecting meaningful and expansive societal change.
3 Min Read
September 23, 2019
Jesse Israel’s life had to get pretty loud before it could get quiet.
6 Min Read
August 16, 2019
The Starry Night Café is more than just a place to buy coffee; it’s a place where differences are championed and meaningful friendships are cultivated.
2 Min Read
July 26, 2019
Here are memorable moments from some of the most inspiring commencement speeches of 2019.
2 Min Read
A fledgling vocational training program in Washington, D.C., is helping individuals with special needs thrive in the workplace, while simultaneously addressing a nationwide caregiver shortage.
Over a year since her her husband was gunned down, Andrea Chamblee is finishing an important and poignant chapter in her life—quite literally—honoring his legacy by finishing the last chapter of his book.

Perseverance: Top Videos

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TreeTop Barbie and The Last Biotic Frontier
July 26, 2016
Solar-powered aircraft trip around the globe invites the world to reimagine what is possible with solar energy.
1 Min Read
July 01, 2016
Why something so seemingly small as a solar-powered refrigerator is a tall order in some parts of the world.
2 Min Read
June 28, 2016
One summer trip turned into a longer, life-changing adventure for James Campbell and his teenage daughter, Aidan.
5 Min Read
May 26, 2016
Charles Linville and Chad Jukes take on climbing as a way to recover from their own war wounds and offer hope to others.
2 Min Read
Armed with a cane, she steadily makes her way to the finish line, often after everyone else has finished the race. But she’s far from alone.