Harvard Grad's Speech in Verse Strikes a Chord

June 06, 2016
The celestially themed address touches on race, preconceptions, injustice, and also hope.
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12,000 people, including some 900 children, live in a poor, nameless area between a prison and a private school. An effort is underway to provide critical services for them. (Video via Ursula Forrest)
Sometimes a woman's greatest support comes from the men in her life. Meet Sam and his mother Agnes Lukudu, the first female governor in Sudan. He says her strength and ability to support both their family and her country has been a constant inspiration.
Maria Shriver shares a personal message in celebration of her mother, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who sought hope and acceptance for people with intellectual disabilities. (Video via Special Olympics)
A small company in North Carolina is changing the way textiles are produced. (Video courtesy csnow)
Depending on the individual's career path, most start out as military pilots and then move on to medical school. Once selected into the Pilot-Physician program they combine their experience as pilots with their expertise as medical doctors to scrutinize the physiological interaction of humans and the aircraft they fly. In a case like that of the F-22, the technologically bilingual skill set of the pilot-physician played an essential role in investigating aerial incidents and mishaps.
"It's like on Christmas Day, when you open your gifts. That sense of oh, that's something I've always wanted to have. That's how I feel about Special Olympics." Video courtesy Special Olympics
In his 2013 TEDx talk at Virginia Tech, Marc Edwards discussed how we need to hold ourselves accountable for not only our actions, but also our inactions.
Watch her acceptance speech at the ICFJ Awards Dinner.