The Healing Power of Veteran Expeditions

healing vet expedition

The short videos Places Like This: A Veteran Expedition & Places Like This: The Value of Wilderness tell us the stories of group expeditions where teamwork in the wilderness is used to heal veterans coping with the aftermath of combat.

The expeditions build camaraderie in a positive environment in order to build the self-confidence, sense of purpose, and sense of trust of each participant. How? The following is a list of expedition activities that work to fulfill this healing outcome.

Build core skills

Veterans receive hands-on training on expedition and personal skills. As part of an inclusive, supportive crew, they gain communication skills, establish trust and validate experiences among other veterans.

Practice Outward Bound values

Instructors focus on Outward Bound core values like compassion, integrity, excellence, inclusion and diversity to help veterans reflect, share insights and live in the present moment.<br/>

Process and reflect

Journaling, one-on-one and group discussions help veterans understand how Outward Bound experiences might translate to coping skills back home.

This piece originally comes from the Outward Bound website. Learn more about the veteran expeditions here.


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